15 Nigerian Business Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Follow in 2019

As the year is going to an end, businesses and entrepreneurs are already counting their blessings in the year and making plans for the year ahead. Blogs are a way of getting quality information about almost anything a man could think of. So, is true when it comes to business, start-ups, entrepreneurship and so on.

As an entrepreneur, getting quality and fresh information on the go is very important. Today I will share with you top 15 Nigerian business blog that can make the New Year awesome for you.

A word of caution though. You might find out that this list has omitted some of the popular blogs you will find on other lists if you look around. The reasons include,

  1. Design and layout – what is the point in sending you to a blog I find difficult to use myself.
  2. Content – some blogs are just about news that irrelevant to SMEs, while others are not even updated for more than six months. And finally
  3. Any other reasons you could think of(smile).

Please note that some blogs do not make this list because they are more of a forum than a blog and some are just for a particular interest group i.e. podcast only. In other to encourage transparency, I have excluded this blog as well from this list(moneypedals.com)

Here Are The Top 15 Nigerian Business Blogs;

1.  smedigest.com.ng

SME Digest! Is Nigeria foremost platform for Business Articles and News. If you need information that will help you to Grow or start a Business, Then SME Digest should be one of the blog that can help you achieve your aim.

2. TheTotalEntrepreneurs.com

The Total Entrepreneurs is a business blog for established and aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups.  Get relevant information on how to start and grow a business, how to develop business skills. You can also access personal development and motivational articles as well as business related news.

TheTotalEntrepreneurs also grant entrepreneurs interviews, share success stories and new technology trends.

3.  Entrepreneur NG

Entrepreneur Ng is a business and entrepreneurship platform focused on helping old and Young entrepreneurs build better and sustainable business of any type. There are tons of articles and Videos on entrepreneurship, Business, Growth and Development. The online Magazine Company is focused on helping Nigerians and Africa at large become the best when you talk about inspiration and hustle.

4. Starta

Starta provide entrepreneurs in Africa with business support content, tools and opportunities required to launch, manage and scale a business startup. We provide the platform that allows investors and business development professionals to research, discover and track t the fastest growing business opportunities in the region.

5. Smebizinfo

SMEBizinfo is at the core of bringing to you, viable business opportunities which are targeted at the Nigerian SME community to enable you access information relevant to your business. We are working to become the major information gateway that links you with business opportunities in more practical ways than just dissemination of information.

We engage our extensive network to obtain information that are easily convertible to opportunities for your business and also help to connect you with opportunities that work for your business growth- whether as a start-up or an established business.

6. SMEToolKits

Another great blog that is doing a pretty good job. SMEToolKits is one of the few blog that are of international standard. Follow this blog to learn tips and tricks to move your business to the next level.

7. StartupTipsDaily

Visit StartupTipsDaily for Daily Small business ideas, business plans, & tips for African entrepreneurs to start, run, & grow successful businesses. The blog is doing a great job at dishing out great contents. The content on this blog is very useful and educative.

8. Invoice Blog

Invoice is a platform that makes it easier for businesses to get paid. It provides premium invoicing services that help business owners in Nigeria get paid faster. As an online business, invoice has taking up to content creation and they we doing great.  The blog focuses on SMEs, with topics ranging from small business management, customer relationship, freelancing and entrepreneurship. If you want to super charge your next year, then add invoice blog to the list of blogs you will be reading.

9. Abodebusiness.com

When it come to business education few blogs in Nigeria can stand on the same height as AbodeBusiness. Want definition of a business term AbodeBusiness got you covered.

If you want to have a strong and free business education, Abodebusiness is your go to classroom.

10. AgricIncome

This list will not be complete without AgricIncome. This is one of the few blogs taking agric business to the next level in Nigeria. If you are interested in Agric business (Which I believe you should) and planning to take it to the next level, Agricincome will greatly benefit you in the year ahead.

11. utibeetim.com

This blog makes this list because every entrepreneur needs money. The major challenges faced by Nigerian entrepreneurs is funding. And, this is where utibeetim.com comes in.

This blog focuses mainly on news about business opportunities, especially funding. So, you need to look no further to find the latest news about government or private grants in the coming year.

Wrap It Up!

I know you will be wondering right now that the list only features 11 blogs instead of 15. Yes you are right, and I did not lost the count as well. I want to give room for our readers to suggest the remaining 4 that they believe its worthy of this list.

Please feel free to suggest your favourite blog in the comment section and I will review it and add it up if it’s up to the standard of this list.

Over To You

So, which of the blogs above or other blogs do you enjoy reading and that has been useful and resourceful for you this year? Please share with us in the comment below. Believe me; I sincerely value your opinion more than mine.

And don’t forget there is love in sharing!

See You At The Top!!!


The MoneyPedals Editorial Team is a group of Business and Financial experts led by Simon Abolaji. Page maintained by Simon Abolaji you can connect with him on his social media handles below.

8 comments On 15 Nigerian Business Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Follow in 2019

  • Hi Simon,

    Great list and thanks for mentioning Entrepreneur Nigeria.
    we will keeping doing out best to be of great value to the Nigerian enterprise community.


  • Hi Simon,
    Nice list, Thanks for adding Agricincome to the list.

    • Hi Olaolu,
      Sincerely, your blog is a must for this list and I believe it will continue to make this list in the future. You have built something out of nothing. Really your a definition of an entrepreneur. Hoping to see AgricIncome.com waxing stronger in the coming years.
      More power to your elbow my Brother.
      Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Simon for listing our blog as one of the top business blogs in Nigeria. TTE was born out of passion to help SMEs find ways to grow their business. We strive to provide relevant tips for businesses as well as share success stories of startups. We will remain focused in delivering good contents to the Nigerian business space and beyond. You were being an incorruptible judge as I would have said Money Pedals should be on the list too. Thanks once again and good luck. Francis Nwokike

    • Hello Francis thanks for stopping by,
      Anyone who visit your blog will definitely see the passion behind it. I must admit that all the blogs listed here have something to offer there readers.
      If its for the money, I for one will be in the Celebrity Gossip Niche.
      So, keep the flag flying and keep your head up, I believe TTE is going places.

  • Am just seeing this post today. Don’t know why cause I have been following this blog for quite some time 😔., well it’s never late.

    I want to take the time out to appreciate you sir Simon, not only for listing Abode Business but for the high quality information you are constantly working hard to put on this blog. Keep it up. As for Abode Business, we won’t relent on our drive to support all African Entrepreneurs through providing up to date quality information, business ideas, business plan and business advice.


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